Mamta, ACT


Thank you Tammy for all the motivation and nutritional advice you have given me over the last 10 months. 

My fitness level has increased noticeably and I have seen improvement in my ability to lift heavier weights (which I didn’t even dream about, in the past). You have always ensure that my technique is correct so as to avoid any kind of injuries. 

You are punctual and reliable. The best thing about training with you every time is that you are always ready with the exercise plan and none of them are same.

I thoroughly enjoyed my workout sessions with you and can’t recommend you enough. It will be hard for any other trainer to fill in your shoes.

Definitely going to miss having sessions with you.

Bevan, ACT


Veterans Heart Health Program 2016


After 6 months with Tammy I am sorry to see her going. 

Tammy took our group of unfit oldies and performed a minor miracle by making us all fitter than we were. Moreover, she did it in a manner which kept us all interested and willing to turn up week after week to be put through routines none of us could have imagined participating in before we started.

She is a good motivator and she has the knack of recognising just how far to push each member of the group.

I hope she finds something in Toowoomba which is suited to her talents and abilities.

Martina, ACT


I have been training with Tammy since June 2015 and can honestly say it has been one of the most rewarding things I have done for myself. 

Tammy is knowledgeable both as a PT and with regard to nutrition. She has helped me set manageable goals and has gone out of her way to research alternative methods to help me achieve them. She understands the psychology behind making a big lifestyle change and has been invested in the whole process with me. She has provided me with invaluable knowledge and I have been able to apply her coaching methods to other aspects of my life too! 

She knew that taking me on as a client would be a long term thing and she has never once wavered in her commitment to me as her client. She has kept our sessions interesting and varied while pushing me beyond what I thought I could do.

She also introduced me to intermittent fasting which really kick started my weight loss after a plateau, because she noticed that my motivation was lacking after not seeing results on the scales, and I lost over 6kg and 40cm of fat! 

I would recommend Tammy to anyone looking to become the best and healthiest version of themselves.

Mary, QLD


'Hi Tammy I just wanted to say a huge thank you. 

You gave me a wake up call at your session. Since then I have changed a few things. I’m eating more food and food that I love. I have started a journey which I’m enjoying. No pills or potions just clean eating with a naughty treat when I feel like it. 

I have more energy and am actually enjoying eating again. 

I have only lost 1kg but I am SO STOKED!!! I’m not feeling as bloated as I was also. I am really enjoying the start of my new journey. 

Thank you so much!'

Michelle, QLD


Tammy provides an amazing service which I will use again. 

Her information, suggestions and plans all worked amazingly and my results speak volumes of her advice and expertise in this field. 

Thank you so much Tammy, I am totally blown away with my results and look forward to seeing you again soon.