Body composition analysis

Tanita MC-780 Multi-Frequency BIA Technology


 SAFE, EFFECTIVE, ACCURATE - Achieve a full segmental body composition analysis in less than 30 seconds using safe,  non-invasive BIA technology 


 MEASURE MORE - Weight alone is not an effective measure of your progress.  Track muscle mass, % body fat, metabolic age, hydration, visceral fat level and more! 


 TRACK YOUR PROGRESS - Compare your results over time on an easy to read progress report with all your scan data stored on our secure software system. 


 AFFORDABLE - Only $39 per scan (inc. full colour A4 report + analysis) or pre-pay 6 scans for just $195!  

Or receive one free with any nutrition or fitness consultation. 

Watch the video below to see just how the Tanita MC-780 can help you achieve optimal health and contact us to book your appointment today!


Tanita MC-780 Body Composition Analysis

Offering full segmental analysis using non invasive, safe BIA technology.  Every scan includes a comprehensive report with interpretation and results tracking over time to monitor your progress.

The Tanita MC-780 is available at Target Nutrition & Fitness.