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Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery (or Bariatric Surgery) is becoming more and more popular as a solution to obesity, and in many cases it can be life-changing!  Bariatric surgery involves reducing the size and capacity of the stomach (therefore decreasing the amount of food that can be ingested and digested).   

The Hidden Dangers of Weight Loss Surgery:​

While this seems like an ideal solution to losing weight, there is a dark side to Bariatric Surgery that is not well managed in most cases, and that is malnutrition.  Inadequate nutritional support, both pre- and post-surgery, usually leads to insufficient nutrients being consumed which not only affects energy levels in the short term but can also increase disease risk in the longer term.  Inadequate nutrition can affect every cell in the body, leading to decreased energy and hormone production, weakened muscles and bones, and reduced vitality - not the look you were hoping to achieve!

Rapid weight loss also has another negative but common side effect, excess skin.  Without changes in diet and lifestyle, your weight loss surgery can leave you looking worse than when you started!  Of course, losing weight is important for health, and in some cases weight loss surgery may be the only option.  This is where weight loss surgery support comes in...

Pre & Post Surgery Support:

Successful weight loss requires a huge lifestyle adjustment, both mentally & physically.  It's important to start preparing your body for the changes to come by adopting healthy lifestyle practices before and after your surgery to ensure maximum success.  

Pre-surgery support includes:

  • Dietary & supplementation advice to maximise nutrition status and address existing deficiencies
  • Gentle training program to reduce the chance of muscle & bone density loss post surgery
  • Emotional support

Post-surgery support includes:

  • Dietary & supplementation advice to avoid malnutrition and maximise energy and vitality
  • Continued training program to add muscle tone and reduce excess skin during weight loss phase
  • Emotional support

All of our programs are delivered in a caring and holistic way, taking into account your own personal circumstances and abilities (both with fitness and nutrition).  Our approach is to work along side you all the way to achieving the body AND the health you've always dreamed of.

Initial Consultation (90 mins) - $165

Follow up Consultation (30 mins) - $55

Health fund rebates available - subject to your individual health fund and level of cover.

Weight Loss Surgery | Bariatric Surgery | Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery | Bariatric Surgery | Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery