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Whether your a beginner just starting out on your fat loss journey, or a seasoned athlete looking to get that critical edge over the competition, you already know that a targeted nutrition plan can make all the difference.

Fad diets just don't work!

With so much conflicting information about dieting and nutrition, it's so easy to get caught up in the hype of the latest fad diet promising rapid fat loss or muscle gain.  But did you know that some dieting methods can be down right dangerous to your health?  I learnt this first hand when I dipped my toe in the world of natural bodybuilding back in 2015.  

My first foray into the world of Bodybuilding...

As a gym owner, having just come off the back of a very successful 12 Week Fitness Challenge, I decided that it was time for me to step up (literally) on stage, and so I gave myself a further 12 weeks to get in stage condition, planning for my first bikini competition in Season A 2015, INBA Canberra ACT.  

My first mistake was thinking I could do everything myself (this is quite common among fitness professionals!), so instead of engaging a sports nutritionist, I enlisted the help of  a friend who had competed previously, and figured I could just fill in the gaps.  I was already quite confident with the training and sports supplementation side of things at that point.

I got great results (but paid the ultimate price)...

By the end of my 12 week comp prep, I was eating a mere 900-1000 calories per day, had gotten down to 13% body fat (yay me!) and, while lacking a bit of energy, felt I was fully prepared to step on stage for my first ever Bikini Competition. 

Thankfully all my hard work paid off and I walked away with a Silver and a Bronze medal on the day.  I felt so proud of my success, but here's where things started to go wrong..... my first mistake was not understanding the process of reverse dieting.  So, I just went back to eating my regular 1500-1600 calories per day, right off the bat (and had a little gratuitous binge for the first week post comp as well!).  My second mistake was (in hindsight), allowing my body fat percentage and my calorie levels get too low without monitoring my hormones.  I didn't know it at the time but the damage was already done.  The signs were there, I just didn't know how to read them.  It started with the fat gain around my middle that was never there before, the lack of energy when it came to training, the body dysmorphia that developed in the months following my competition.  To top it all off, I tried to diet down again for Season B, and failed!

I learned the TRUE cost of extreme dieting!

I have since been diagnosed with an under-active thyroid disorder that thankfully is managed through diet and exercise alone (I'm not a huge fan of medication), and my own personal experience led me to spend 3 years studying to become a clinical nutritionist, in the hopes that I can help others, men and women, who are looking to lose fat and build muscle in a holistic and hormone-friendly way, so that they never have to go through what I did!

So, why should you hire a professional?

If you're looking to lose unwanted fat, gain muscle, increase performance, or you're at a loss after stepping on stage yourself,  why should you hire a qualified Clinical Nutritionist?

Offering qualified and personalised clinical sports nutrition and fitness solutions, access to comprehensive body composition analysis and therapeutic grade nutritional supplements, I'm here to ensure your success, whether you've competed yourself and need help reverse dieting, looking to increase athletic performance or gain an edge over the competition, or you're wanting to simply lose unwanted body fat, gain some muscle and tone up.  

I'm here to help you in the safest and most holistic way possible, while ensuring you get the results you're looking for.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your journey towards the body of your dreams, contact me (Tammy) to book in your free Introductory Consultation today, and find out how I can personalise a nutrition and fitness solution just for you and your unique circumstances. 

Eat better, move better, feel better, look better!

About Tammy:

Qualifications – Certified Clinical Nutritionist (Registration:  ATMS 50333), Certified Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition Adviser, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Outdoor Group Fitness Instructor, Qualified Hypnotherapist.

Previous Experience – Owner/Operator Contours Women’s Gym, Canberra ACT | Manager and head trainer at Glebe Park Fitness, Canberra ACT | Program co-ordinator and facilitator: DVA Heart Health Program | Natural Bodybuilding Bikini Model Over 30’s (Silver) & Bikini Mumma (Bronze) | Tough Mudder Competitor (2013). 


Sports Nutrition & Body Re-composition - Offering clinical holistic nutrition and body re-composition solutions, ideal for natural bodybuilding athletes, endurance athletes, cross-fit athletes, power lifters, female athletes and anyone wanting to lose fat and build muscle.

Weight Management - including support pre & post bariatric surgery, detoxification, body transformations, and addressing hormonal barriers to weight loss.

Nutrition and Fitness Testing – including body composition analysis, hair mineral analysis, fitness assessments and metabolic age.