The 8 weeks to LEAN program

Program Overview

8 Weeks to LEAN is a life-changing 8 week program developed by a local nutritionist and hypnotherapy practitioner, combining holistic nutrition, movement and mindset to educate, support and equip participants with all the tools needed to truly reclaim their health and achieve long term results. 

Not just another weightloss program, L.E.A.N has been designed to provide the missing link for those who’ve tried everything to improve their health in the past with no success. L.E.A.N stands for Learn, Encourage, Accept and Nourish, which is exactly what this program aims to do. 

What our Members are saying:

"The LEAN program has been brilliant for breaking down mental barriers to health and wellness. I highly recommend this program for anyone seeking a long and healthy lifestyle."-Shaylene Harth

"The program was an extreme mind opener. Everything I learnt will and has helped me make healthier choices."-Amy Jackson

"Really well organised, easy to understand info. Just wish the program went longer! Covered a variety of topics, both coaches are very approachable. Learnt so much and I have great tools for the future, I will recommend to friends.."-Tracey Roberts

"The 8 weeks have been great to focus on mindset around nutrition and exercise and the program has given us a safe place to discuss and work out strategies to help overcome the negatives that come with food and exercise. A fantastic platform to create a change in lifestyle."-Naomi De

"This program came along for me at just the right time. I have tried so many different diets and boot camps etc. but nothing gave me results in 8 short weeks. I have achieved more here than ever before. To now want to make good food choices and exercise is something I never dreamed of before. So thank you both from the bottom of my heart." -Kelli Moore

"After putting on weight after an injury, I developed severe depression and social anxiety. My stress levels were high and my eating habits and lifestyle were a reflection on that. After joining the 8 Weeks to LEAN program I learned so much about my metabolism - I wasn't just eating the wrong foods, I wasn't eating enough. Tammy is an expert in teaching how metabolisms work and how to implement the right eating plan to improve it. 
Faye helped me understand the mindset behind my issues and how to overcome stress-eating and cravings. 
I now understand there is no quick fix diet plan but a complete lifestyle change around movement, nutrition and mindset. I know that if I continue with what I learned over the 8 weeks, I will become a more healthier, confident me. 
I recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and get healthy with the support of two amazing coaches in a safe environment with a group of like-minded women." 
-Gail Thompson

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Video Testimonial

This interview video gives some amazing insight into one of our past participants' experience of the 8 Weeks To LEAN Program, including how it helped her change her life for the better!