What We Do


Nutrition Services

  • Toowoomba Nutritionist
  • Online Nutrition Services
  • Holistic Sports Nutrition
  • Weight Management Programs
  • Weight Loss Surgery Support
  • Competition Support/Meal Plans
  • Nutritional Supplements


Fitness Services

  • Toowoomba Personal Trainer
  • Online Fitness Plans
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Personalised Fitness Plans
  • Body Transformations/Re-composition


Online Services

Providing nutritionist and fitness services to the Toowoomba area and Australia-Wide.  Online services include nutrition consultations, meal plans, fitness plans and supplement prescription services.  

Enhance your performance with a tailored and personalised nutrition plan, fitness plan or therapeutic grade supplements (mailed to your door).

Online holistic Competition Support - big on results, gentle on hormones!


The L.E.A.N Program

A life-changing 8 week program combining holistic nutrition, movement and hypnotherapy to educate, support and equip participants with all the tools needed to truly reclaim their health and achieve long term results. 

Not just another weight loss program, L.E.A.N has been designed to provide the missing link for those who’ve tried everything to improve their health in the past with no success. 

L.E.A.N stands for Learn, Encourage, Accept and Nourish, which is exactly what this program aims to do.  

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